Wednesday, January 23, 2013



                                                 Rape got banged 

  "NIRBHAYA/ DAMINI/ ETC" 's rape grabbed worldwide attention and why not it was a brutal act but what makes it so "popular" when we compare it to the acts in which girls were burnt alive or beheaded after rape.The answer is simple because it happened in our so called national capital.The news was banging all over in society, in media and in politics until Pakistan bang bang the border and the banging noise was loud enough to distract everyone's attention, after all its a famous India-Pakistan issue and now we can throw out our frustration of losing a ODI against Pakistan.The problem caught fire when the news was out that pakistani soldiers beheaded Indian soldier Hemraj singh and they took away his head with them.
 The nation outburst again this time against pakistan and surprisingly this time government and public were on the same track.This followed by super senseable oops! i mean super senseless statements by our political leaders. Susma swaraj said "for every 1 head we will bring 10 heads" OMG r u kidding me? Such kind of statements shows how immature our leaders are and how smart we the common people are atleast we talk sense (ya apart from buddy time talk) and not to forget our very own PM for him its "no business". I am still to understand this but the business thing is really taking the shit out of my mind.

In the aftermath of this incident we have many situations
1. As mentioned above great political statements by our leaders.

2.Pakistani actress Meera marched demanding 5yrs visa for Pakistani artist.
(oh now please do not laugh,its a real news)

3.Our very own anti-biharis are banning Pakistanis in "their place" and i am afraid that now they will announce that Biharis have their origin from Pakistan.

Now on a serious note "yes i agree its a big loss for the nation to loose their soldier and specially when the soldier was beheaded its awful"

But why we forget that he was ready to die for the nation that is why he joined army.Being called as a "SAHEED" with all respect is a soldier's ultimate pride and he got it but a girl burned alive, beheaded or having iron rod inside her body after rape is a national shame.Do we realize that we are angry when a real soldier is getting all respect and pride to be called as "SAHEED" but actually forgetting the real reason to get angry.
Did you guess the hidden part?
Government can now relax for a while because most of the attention is now on Pakistan and slowly everyone is forgetting December 2012 brutal act and many other similar act.

  by Mayank Kashyap


  1. completely agree (amit) n both event wz sad bt yup rape wz more brutal n it should get more attention.

  2. hmmm u can write... n u right gud... (renuka)

  3. Replies
    1. glaD u find it realistic n correct :)

  4. very well written,, and such true facts and thumbs up for the research

  5. Both the incidents are equally unfortunate and brutal. We can't compare or rank them. As far our Governing Bodies are concerned, deaf ears can't hear the public pain & sufferings.

    1. absolutely akash... n how can they listen ...they r busy paying their dirty politics.


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