Tuesday, February 5, 2013


                          WE THE (PEOPLE)× VICTIM! :IN INDIA

"We the people of India" this statement is no new to any Indian but slowly it is transforming into "We the victims in India". Yes, you read it right the victims in India.We were citizens once but not anymore.Now we are just victims, victims of politics, government, mobs and different communities. Our life is now interrupted and controlled in every single step.
There is a great saying "Art has no boundaries" but in India "Art has boundaries". In present scenario it is not about how creative or talented you are, it is about how you please others with your talent and if you do not,well! then get ready to face consequences.
Recently, A girl rock band from Kashmir was in lime light and actually it is still in limelight."Girl band" may sound normal to you but in Kashmir the sentence was said like this:
 "Band!!!!!! of girls!!! ladkia gaa rahi hain :o (girls are singing)oh lord! have mercy"
WHY? Is following your passion specially for a girl is a crime? if a boy can then why can not a girl and their jeans and top added to make their situation worse.(In my personal opinion jeans and top hides a girl body more than a saree). After few days FATWA was out against them.Finally the girls quit their passion due to constant threats and pressure, even i would have done the same in that situation. Before which Jammu and Kashmir C.M Omar Abdullah said "Girls should continue to follow their passion" but Mr. C.M you did not promise that you will save them when they get attacked or killed in the process.
Before this case few years back, Mr. Salman Rushdie was forced to leave India because few communities were offended by  his book THE SATANIC VERSES and they wanted to kill Rushdie.
Is our society so barbarian!Communities go around giving threats and all we can do is run for our life because their is no police no government to save us.
Mr.Kamal Hassan and his movie Vishwaroopam are the new entries in this victim list.His movie was banned by government in south because they thought this will hurt Muslim's feeling but the movie released in Rest of India.This lead me to wonder Do south India has more Muslim communities than in U.P and Kashmir and why did not the movie hurt their feeling so badly.The answer is simple it is not about muslims, they are just dragged by the political leaders for their dirty game.
This situation followed by Amartya sen's statement "Discuss real issues not Hassan Rushdie"
I think Mr. Sen failed to understand that it is not about Hassan and Rushdie, it is about our fundamental right.This kind of things shows the mentality of Indians and Mr. Sen, this is a concern.How can a writer say such kind of things when there is a direct attack on art.
Fundamental rights in India is an alien concept, where Right to EQUALITY/EXPRESS/SAFETY/etc do not exist.Government has failed big time to empower us with our rightful rights just to maintain their vote bank and run.
And,The biggest irony of this nation is movies,books and music are banned by , criticized by and offend them, who actually did not watch that movie, read that book and listen that music.  

  by Mayank Kashyap


  1. awesome yaar!!!! u r surprisig me every single time..grt work :) (renuka)

  2. Really true Friend..!

    We the people of India, bound by government and different communities, fighting for existence in our own country...

    1. thnx akash :)
      n actually we try to fight..bt lastly we have to quit.. this is the saddest part.

  3. again a nice work (amit)

  4. nice article again! n ya we r victims and trapped in our own country...fundamental rights nvr existed in dis country... its an alien concept..

    1. thnx n ya xactly we dont hv rights!!! we r ordered in every single step by communities govt etc.


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