Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The smiled which made me smile

In this update I want to share a little experience with you. Its not a great story but this is really close to my heart because it made me realize that I am a good human being.


I was on my way to railway station to receive my uncle. He was coming to Patna for the 1st time and I have already twice told my rickshaw wala to hurry up. On the way I saw mob standing in a circular form and I can clearly make out there is someone sitting in the center.
“Who cares I am already late, I have work to do. “
Before I could complete the sentence in my mind, I saw my rickshaw wala stopping the rickshaw.
“What are you doing, I am getting late. Haven’t I told you that” I said.
“Sir ji for humanity lets see once”
Before I could reply he was on his way to the spot. I was left with no choice, I had to go. Gosh!
There was a man and a little boy sitting on the road. They were injured and the boy was crying.
“A car hit them, thank god there are no major injuries.” Someone said.
“These car walas are getting so reckless on road these days, Rich bastards” another one said from the mob.
I observed everyone was showing concern but nobody was helping them to stand or providing any kind of help.
My rickshaw wala brought some water and washed their face and their wound and helped them sit in a comfortable manner.
I just saw. Suddenly I realized that I was constantly looking at the boy, he was bleeding from leg and was crying like anything. He was cute with a perfect round face and his 2 front teeth were missing. I realized that I am constantly looking at that boy. I was getting affected by that boy. Now I can feel his pain and his sorrow is making me sad. I forgot that I was getting late.
I don’t know when but the human inside me was awakened now. I ran to the near by general shop and bought a bottle of water, two band-aid and a small chocolate. I make them drink the water and applied the band-aid over the boy’s leg and the rickshaw wala helped me in that.
Seeing the situation under control slowly everyone started going. I and the rickshaw wala helped them to stand. I gave the chocolate to the boy. He smiled. The man checked his cycle to find any serious damage but there was none. He thanked us and walked a bit. I saw he was having some difficulty in walking.
“Are you ok now?” I asked.
He smiled in return.
“And how are you little boy?” I asked
“I am fine”
“Bhaiya!!” the boy said.
“I’ll also help you someday. Promise”
I smiled and admired his cuteness and innocence in my mind and his toothless smile maked me laugh.
He waved and blow me a flying kiss.
We moved towards our rickshaw.
“I am sorry sir, I wasted  much of your time. I’ll take the half fair only. No issues.” Rickshaw wala said.
“Thank you. Thank you for making me realize that there is a real human soul inside my body and no issues with the fair. I’ll give the actual fair” I replied.
On the way the image of that boy smiling at me, waving at me and blowing me a kiss was front of my eyes and it was making me smile all the way.

In the station
When I reached station I found  that the train was a bit late. I guess god was on my side after my good act. And For your information I am still smiling imagining that.

When you make someone happy, it’s you who get the ultimate happiness.


by Mayank Kashyap


  1. its a very nice experience....and your experience made me smile too. :-) :-)

    1. :) ur appreciations means a lot thnx <3

  2. :) nice < renuka>>>>>>>>

  3. well done,,
    Thumbs up for the humanity,,..
    I really admire this act of yours...

  4. @AKASH : thnx bro. actully it was that rickshaw wala who should get credits...


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