Sunday, July 21, 2013



I thought I would love her
I thought I would talk to her
I thought I would sit by her side
And I thought I would hold her hand whole night.
But then I said something which she didn't understand 
And then I teased her for something, I thought she smiled
Don't know what happen to her after that
She was silent and just replying to my questions
Then she said she wanted to sleep, not to talk
And it was a jolt for me
I asked her if she was ok
She said she was ok, just wanted to sleep
The harshness in her voice told me
that something was wrong
I asked and I don't know when
Things went out of control
We fought We shouted
And then she said good night
I wondered what was my fault?
I am no god
How can I know everything?
If I can say whats wrong then why can't she?
She should have told me what was wrong
Then I would not have done such thing
I never want to hurt her
Now I am laying in shock
After seeing how the event turned
From love to fight
I need your love, I need your mercy
I wish we could understand each other well
Is this what happens in love?
Sometimes you smile, sometimes you curse
But I know one thing
Fight or no fight
Understanding or no understanding
Deep down inside I'll always love her.

  by Mayank Kashyap


  1. Good one :)In fact one of my friend was telling me the same thing about his beloved :)

    Women! Women! You can't live with them, but you can't live without them!!

    From a Not so Regular blogger @ and a Goodreads member :)

    1. Thanks glad you like it.
      And yes i agree with your statement :) :D

  2. mayank do u agree that.....u can't live with a women?

    1. private things are not meant to be shared on the public platform.. :) lol... But yes, a woman complete once life.. :)


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