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The news of Patna bomb blast is trending in politics these days and why not! Eight bomb blast in a day that
too when NaMo’s Hoonkar rally was going on is a solemn issue. Though the bombs were of low intensity but it managed to kill six, eight bomb blast and six deaths. Police fast tracked the investigation and held one accused, who claims to be a member of a terrorist group. Soon Patna police raided in Jharkhand and recovered similar bombs. So the story is all done.
Some terrorist plotted a plan in Jharkhand to hamper the rally, they transplanted the bomb on the centre of the rally, Gandhi Maidan and BOOM BOOM BOOM, there were blast one after another but the new national hero NaMo like a lion came in front of the audience and addressed them just after half an hour of the blast in Gandhi Maidan.
I feel the story has a lot of flaws and when I say a lot I mean a lot. So, can there be any other version of this story?
In my opinion YES.
Why a terrorist group would plant bombs of such low intensity. I mean if they wanted to hamper the rally, all they needed was just one good blast and the rally had been stopped and honestly they are very much capable of doing that. We all know it.
One of the blasts held inside a washroom in platform no. 10 in Patna Junction which is quite isolated most of the time. So what was the need of that blast? And the rest of the seven blasts took inside Gandhi Maidan in seven different corners, where audience was not supposed to stand or sit as the proceedings was going on in the central end. Four bombs were planted in the audience’s area but not blasted. Isn’t it a miracle?
After eight bomb blast honestly NaMo should have cancelled the rally, if not cancel then atleast he should have avoided his public addressing. Don’t you think a personality like NaMo or the official should have respected the security procedures? Even in the celebration of Republic Day or Independence Day PM/ President/ VVIP sits behind a bullet proof glass. But NaMo was all there with no such safety and most surprising part was that there was not a single bomb blast any where in Patna during his speech. I guess his speech was so good that even terrorists forgot to plant bomb.

My aim is not to blame anybody but may be, just may be it was a political stunt to get sympathy and presenting NaMo as a hero or may be it actually was a terrorist attack, who knows? But we just can’t simply ignore the facts.


  1. if that would have been case then nitish would have ordered enquiry and fixed him but it seem to be his plan only as he want to make stampede and close door for modi for future in bihar while dude there was no emergency evacuation plan to take crowd out by patna admin which used to be ready b'fore every big event then ground was not sanataised no metal detectors and one more thing IM is having whole of units centalised in bihar specially after nitish pakistan visit you could check for RPN singh speech in you tube and the bomb in toilet was wrongly exploded that is what made them changed whole plan do feel you do bomb blast in ur rally and expect people will hear u best thing is a clear investigation ..and dude see big picture the way bihar is used by IM and check for muglistan ever u will have clear picture

  2. Dear Vikas,
    Before saying anything I would like to conform that I am not on anyone's side I am just doing my job as an author. Somewhere you are correct but there are few things you can't ignore.
    1. Why will nitish kumar will ruin his image...this bomb blast has raised questons on law and order,. Why would any chief minister want that.
    2. No rally has a metal detector. You can't check lakhs of people.
    3. Arrangements were done under the supervision of BJP members.
    But yes there is a good chance that Nitish is involved... but the question remains why will a cm will ruin his image when elections are near. We kill our own in politics how does few unknown will matter...
    I am me..
    neways thnx for reading the article and discussing things with me... Keep reading... :) thank you

  3. just b'coz a huge stampede will kill 4-5 thousand people and they were not that high explosive bomb so it could be also said latter there have been no bomb blast some nonsense people did it and people of bihar blame bjp for this while plan has gone out of proportion and that's the reason blame come to him and his body language is himself showing he is not concerned much for terrorism concerns of bihar

  4. and every raally have metal detector yaar as they need to be positioned at entrances if no rally would have had how many bomb blast till now would happened ground is too scrutnized before rally even every thing is sealed just like cricket stadiums b'fore match

  5. Dear Vikas,
    I must say you have made very valid point indeed. :)
    Not everyone is blaming bjp here trust me. Though jdu have more supporters but bjb has its own stand too. Even I am not blaming anybody, as a writer I have to consider both aspect and show some other side of the fact, doesn't matter which side it goes. So that my articles can be used as a point maker not judgmental. I hope you understand my position on this. Vikas we have metal detectors almost in every place.From parks to malls and ironically it beeps everytime when an individual steps on it because we have cell phones, metal rings , etc. etc. So in these days Government needs some other alternatives for checking. And the bombs were installed before rally. The blame game is on for both the parties and the fact that these two parties are not friend anymore, this is acting as a catalyst in this issue. We all dream for a peaceful nation where bloodshed don't even exist. I don't know whose fault or plan it was but what happened was wrong.

  6. seeing this picture i remembered your blog

    may it has answer what could have been avoided in patna

  7. @Vikas
    I must admit you never fail to impress me with your answers :) Now that's what I call a security. Seeing this pic. I can say yes the securities measures adopted was not appropriate but there is a reason why such securities measures are taken in J&K its a terrorist prone area. I visit J&K twice every year and if you have ever visited there then you must know that even if you enter a market area near ram mandir or beautiful garden area in kashmir and many other places, you'll see the tight security. Eben your sim card will not work there. So it's not really surprising for me to see this security. But yes in Patna's rally the security should have been little tight this would have cut-offed any chance of bomb plantation let it be from bjp or jdu or any other terrorist org. :)


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