Wednesday, October 23, 2013


This is a work of fiction and should be read as such. All the incidences in this work is a product of author's imagination. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead or any past event is entirely coincidental. 


I am reckless. I walk like a king. I do want I desire to do. I do all things what a devil do.
Few days ago, I thrashed a 7 yr. old boy. I broke his limb and trust me the cracking sound of his limb was just astounding. But what I did few days after that, was even more pleasurable. In a late evening, I saw a girl may be she was returning home or may be she was going somewhere. Well, I don’t care. Walking in an unoccupied road in evening for a girl that too when a boy whose testosterone is charged and adrenalin is flowing in the body, is present, is wrong. She needed to be punished. I paddled my bicycle to reach near her then at some distance I parked it and walked slowly behind her. Soon I dragged her near a road side bush and instantly she shouted or should I say screamed, that pleased me. I slapped her hard on her bosom pressing my hand hardly on it and she fell down. I kicked on her ass and roughly explored her body. I wanted to rape her but I was out of time. There was some urgent work to be finished. Its not that could not. I could have thrashed her head or something and then I would have done what she deserved. Lucky Bitch!
You must be wondering, am I not afraid of doing such tomfoolery or am I not afraid of punishment.
NO! I AM NOT (not exactly, but yes though I am not completely fearless but I fear less.)
Because you know..Who am I?
And most important I AM JUVENILE.
Its not that, I have never been punished. Last whole year I spent my time inside a remand home. It was not that bad. I formed a little gang there and bullied the little ones. I even forced two boys to strip naked. I watched television on junctures, played, gossiped and yes took lessons and beating too from the officials.
But I am here again. The best thing now I have realized that I can do anything, Even to you also..yes you but you can’t.
I can beat you, molest or rape you if you are a girl or may be even kill you. What could possibly happen to me, few more years in remand home? I don’t mind that, I have my friends there and I can have a good time there too. But don’t you dare to harm me or else you’ll be jailed (jails are like hell) or may be hanged.
You can FIR, protest or do whatever the fuck you want do, nothing can stop my life. After 2-3 years I’ll be back to get your ass thanks to the Indian law. I love India.. The last thing left for you to do in the present state of affairs is to clap like a shemale.  I know that’s not fair but I AM JUVENILE.



  1. This is a bitter reality

  2. It's a powerful theme and I like the approach but you could have handled it better.

  3. @abhra :) thnx :) and yes i'll try to improve and deliver a better product.


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