Saturday, December 21, 2013

AAP's New Age Democracy

AAP’s decision to go to public and ask for their point of view before shaking their hands with congress to
form government in Delhi is a complete new dimension in Indian democracy. Remitting the orthodox method of forming of government AAP has adopted a new method, Public Referendum.
By adopting this method of public referendum Arvind Kejriwal has led India in the league of countries like Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, etc., where this method is already very popular. It’s not that this method is completely new in India but it was so far limited up to gram pahchayat, where the panchayat ask their sabha for decision through different methods.
Few may say that this is a lack of leadership, waste of time or running away from responsibility. But I believe this is the beginning of a new era in Indian Politics. Public referendum will help them to form a strong foundation for their party as well as for the country. It will give meaning to democracy “For the people by the people”. And with so much technology viz. sms, e-mails, web portals this is certainly not a stiff task any more.

We wanted the change and I guess the change is here.


  1. Change is here and I hope they live up to the expectations of all.


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