Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Mind Goes Over Creative

By Mayank

I don’t know this happens only with me or anybody else but whenever my exams are near my mind gets creative. Okay, I am a writer this means I am creative but what I mean to say is during exams my mind starts working overtime in creative field. This is how I look when I start my studies in a fresh mood, determined to study.

After 15-20 minutes, my mind starts generating all kind of creative ideas/ products like poems, quotes, fiction, etc. Then I am like this.

For your information I have written this article in my study time.
Soon my study gets sideline and I get busy writing things which are no where related to my studies. Just like this.

When I am done with my creative stuffs, then I try to concentrate on my studies again. This is how I end up when my studies are over.

I am not going to fix my picture here in this condition, never!
OK I don't look that horrible after my studies but somewhat like it.

In exam time I always enter the hall with excitement, thinking of the things I shall do after exams. And when exams are over I leave hall in confusion. Most of the time it’s really difficult for me to decide how my exams gone but doesn’t matter how my exams were, I always pass.
This is how I am when I see my results, when NO BODY IS NEAR ME.

This is how I am when I see my results, when I am WITH MY PARENTS

 Life is so tough, I am telling you. 


  1. ha ha ha sooo funny..... bt what a creativity!!!!!!!! gud...

  2. @Richa I wish I could control it in exam time. :P

  3. LOL! This happens to me too! Ideas start flowing when some other (office-related) task is assigned to me!

  4. @sreesha its really gud to know that i am nt the only victim.. lol

  5. I must say, you are looking very cute... n ya very creative n innovative you are... i liked it :)

  6. @anonymous (for the above comment) thnx :) for both the remark u made. :)

  7. Maybe our mind just procrastinate studies and hence generates creativity to torture us. :s
    its so good of u to observe this fact. :)

  8. @mehwish Hmm..maybe. I never thought this way. No wonder ur a psychology student. :D and thanks for reading. Hope u like it. :)


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