Thursday, March 6, 2014

Why should I vote for my street dogs?

The recent events in India especially in Bihar have forced me to think about this very topic. The biggest political agenda in Bihar is “Making Bihar a special state”.
Recently, Sushil modi announced Bihar band. They marched near Patna Junction and blocked the railway tracks, which hampered the travelers very badly. Isn’t it funny that the people who are fighting for Bihar’s special state status are traumatizing the people of Bihar for the purpose? Why don’t they march inside P.M or President’s office? That would be a better option, I guess. It’s like traumatizing the patient to get healthy rather than asking the doctor for it.
It’s nothing more than an “Acting of togetherness”. Fake peoples all around. They have nothing to do with the development of the state all they care about is their personal agenda.
It makes me sick? It also makes me think that who should I vote in the central election?
Just then I saw a group of street dogs of my colony. They never bother us. They never bark unnecessary. They never create nuisance and most importantly they are always by our side in case of any trouble in the road. Which makes them better than some of the local residents and even better than most of the politicians.
When it comes to public representation, they represent poor India better than the politicians (well almost). They never wear cloths so they are representing the poor India. They don’t waste water, which shows they are responsible. Sometimes they eat roadside garbage and in the process clean the roadsides. Who else will do that?
So, rather than wasting my vote for a clueless mumma’s complain boy or for a man with so many bahhiyo- bhaino. I would rather vote for my street dogs.


Party’ symbol- A Bone


  1. :D lol ..i'''ll vote for street dogs (((renuka))))))

  2. truly said..... i agree with you....i'll definitely vote for the strret dogs..



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