Thursday, April 10, 2014

An open letter to NaMo

By Mayank

Dear NaMO sir,

No wonder after a bad tenure and bundles of scam by Congress and a dramatic government run by Kejriwali in Delhi has helped you to excel and it has also made you better among the three. I really admire the fact that a son of chaiwala is on his way to lead the nation. More and more people, be it young or old is looking forward to your government. You have some die hard supporters in doubt.

And how can I forget your campaign? It’s stirring and immense. I have lost my count of the numbers of rallies and helicopter tour you have done in past few months. I really like your promotional song sung by Sukhwinder singh. Every time I switch on the radio, television or internet I see your face or hear your promotional line i.e. ab ki baar modi sarkar. I have never seen such a campaign. But one question always remain jumping at the back of my head, from where this tsunami of fund is coming from? I just hope some giant is not helping you with this and you’ll not return their favour after forming the government.

You want to promote Hinduism but do Hindu wants the same? NO, we don’t want a religious augment all we want is national development and peace. We want to stay in a booming country where every religion is equal and great. We are Indians first and I hope the same for you. After seeing your progress in Gujarat I really thought you would leave no stone unturned in Indian development but then you said you don’t want FDI in multi brand retail. Sorry but I can’t help my self from laughing at this. You are very funny sir. It’s really and when I say really it means really difficult to develop this country without FDI. How will you create more jobs without FDI, will you form companies or will you provide subsidies to open new companies from  the national wealth. How will you increase the inflow of money in the national account, will you increase the tax rates? How will you push the local manufacturers to perform better and to delivery good quality at competitive price, will you threat them to do so? They say one must not go down go to the level of others but you are going down. The comments like AK49 and Pakistani agent is so amateurish. It’s like degrading your self.

These religion based politics and No- FDI stand will definitely increase your vote bank but will it benefit the nation in a long run. The public is very much disappointed with the work of Congress but is it the only reason why they are supporting you? Just because one is bad does it automatically makes the other one good?
I have nothing against anyone. I just want a better nation. I’m quite sure with this hype, you’ll form government but I hope you’ll work for the nation. I hope you’ll form a national party not a religious one. I just prey my apprehensions are erroneous. Best of luck!

Warmest regards,
A citizen


  1. superlike.... :-)
    there was a time...i was sure whom to vote....but after hearing the news of NO-FDI in retail.....i am doubtful... :-(

  2. @richa roy It's good to know that this article is representing thoughts of some people.

  3. @pranav Thanks.. glad you like it :)

  4. Thoughtfully provocative ...great work :) (( Renuka))

  5. Amit:: Commendable... excellent...

  6. Applauds for your have a cunning style of writing... Best of luck...

  7. @renuka :D Thanks.... I hope its not that provocative :P

  8. @bhawesh Means a lot :) Thank you


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