Sunday, May 4, 2014

A consolation prize: Destiny

Traditional approach
Peoples often consult astrologers whenever something goes appalling. Even if every thing is fine, they still want to know everything about their life/future. The astrologers tell them what will they achieve and what not. And this is what your “Destiny” is.

My approach

What astrologers tell us is the MINIMUM thing which we’ll achieve. Just like an assured gift or a consolation prize for taking birth.
But do winners stop fighting?
Do winners works to receive a consolation prize?  HELL NO!
Winner achieves maximum with their hard work and determination, which my friend is way better than the minimum, which an astrologer tells us.
If an astrologer tells me that I’ll become Indian’s Prime minister but what if I never join politics, will it make me one? Of course not!
Your goals should be your destiny (written by your self). If you believe that your destiny is what your astrologer tells you then I am sorry but you are hopeless. In that case you will never achieve heights. Astrologer will give you nothing more than excuses for your failure. And when you fail again you’ll say “This was not in my destiny Pandit ji already told me. Wow that man is awesome. How does he know everything?”
But you’ll never see the actual reason behind your failure. You’ll never analyze your fault. In short you’ll never get better.
Life is just like a computer game except there is no “restart” option, if you know what’ll come next it will become boring. Life is beautiful and its beauty lies in its unpredictability. Why to ruin its beauty? Let life surprise you.

By Mayank


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