Monday, June 9, 2014

Losing my religion - Book Review

Genre: Fiction
Pages: 350
Publisher: Fingerprint.

Book Jacket
Racy, unpredictable, romantic, and inspiring, this is a novel that is bound to get you addicted and stay with you forever.
When gamer and entrepreneur Rishi Rai sets out to revolutionize the gaming industry, something somewhere goes terribly wrong and, like dominoes, the blocks of his life fall down one after the other.
An unexpected meeting with Alex, an unpredictable, crazy American hippie, changes his life forever, as he decides to quit everything and join him on an unplanned, uncharted journey across India. 
From getting irrepressibly high in the mysterious Malana Valley in the Himalayas to starting a shack on the bewitching Om Beach on the West Coast, they do it all. But their adrenaline-charged adventure takes a turn when Rishi meets Kyra, a beautiful and enigmatic gamer. As passions surge and sparks fly, Rishi gets drawn to Kyra . . . unaware of who she is and where she comes from.
What follows next is something nobody could have ever dreamed of . . .
Who is Kyra and why are the paparazzi after her? Can Rishi connect the dots in his life to protect the love of his life? While the world becomes a spectator, can he mastermind the fall of a ruthless giant to become a global icon or will he become the biggest loser?

The first word which came to my mind after finishing this book is “Splendid.”
LMR is the debut book of Vishwas Mudagal and for his first book the author has done a praiseworthy job. His work is mature and extra ordinary. He is definitely a writer to watch out for.

The story gyrates around a bankrupt guy, Rishi, who with his friend by chance Alex decides to explore India. His world starts blossoming again when Kyra, a mysterious girl enters his life. Then he faces a challenge by a giant which can destroy him for good or can he rise as a hero?

The character of Alex is very intriguing and Rishi is just perfect. The chemistry between Kyra and Rishi is perfect; not a pinch more nor less. The other characters are also impactful especially Wolf.

 The story telling is awesome. The book has redefined gaming and reality shows. The only bad thing about this book is too much of Hindi conversation. Overall this is really a good book with an awesome end. I would love to see a bollywood movie based on this book. The story is fast and will keep the readers on their toes. This is by far one of the best releases of 2014. It’s a must read.

Rated: 4.5/5


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