Monday, June 30, 2014

The Emperor's Riddles: Book Review

Genre: Fiction/ Mythological/ Thriller

Pages: 400

Publishers: Amaryllis

Book Jacket: 
More terrifying than the savage murder of historian Ram Mathur on the ghats of Ganga, are the questions that follow. Desperate for answers, Sia turns to esoteric writer & friend Om Patnaik. But what begins as a hunt for the killer, becomes an extraordinary trail of riddles strewn across the country, that must end at the gates of an enigma.

An ancient enigma so powerful that even gods would kill for it!!!

In another time and space, rules an Emperor who plays with phenomenal forces that make him supreme…who faces these very forces when they threaten the survival of the human race. An Emperor who must ultimately pay homage to the enigma… 

As Patnaik and Sia race from one riddle to another, towards a royal secret that has remained alive for centuries….will the final truth, save them or destroy them forever?

The path beckons. Can you solve The Emperor’s Riddles?

Book Review:

“The emperor’s riddles”  is the debut book of Satyarth Nayak and for his first book he has done a magnificent job. Treading into the genre which is ruled by Dan brown and Ashwin Sanghi is never easy. Many authors have tried and most of them has gone wrong but it seems Satyarth is here to stay.

The story revolves around an ancient enigma, an enigma so powerful that even God would kill for it. Sia’s father Ram Mathur, a historian was killed in a fearsome manner. Sia with the help of Om Patnaik started her quest to search for the killer which later turns out to be a quest for an enigma. Standing in their way was nine riddles.

The character of Om Patnaik is very muck like Dan Brown’s very own Robert Langdon (it’s a compliment).  Patnaik is bang on. The character of Sia is a consummate portrayal of a scientist who is not much cognizant of the myths. Suri, the police inspector was impactful. 

The climax was terrific and I personally liked the way the story ended but the way the book started was disappointing. The book started in the same way in which Da vinci code and Krishna key started, with a murder though the follow up was good and some parts lacked finishing. 

Overall, I believe it’s really a wonderful book with a nice blend of myth, thrill and imagination. The story is intriguing and fast. The concept is outstanding. It’s a fantastic read for mythological and thriller lovers. The book is worth reading.

RATED: 4/5


  1. completely agree with ur point of view : Renuka


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