Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Life Story: Book Review

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 111

Publisher: Saikiran

Book Jacket:

My Life-Story is the story of Kavya who believes in living each day as it comes. As she narrates her story we realize how her carefree nature extinguishes in the storms of her life and how she finally learns to take her own decisions. Leaving her house to marry the man of her choice and beginning life anew, she finally finds herself standing face to face with her family during a critical situation. What happens then plays a major role in shaping her life. During the course of this journey, she meets Shantanu, who has a positive influence on her life. How she copes with the challenges of her life and how she struggles to find her lost individuality is the center-point of this story! The story also lays emphasis on how her love for her husband blinds her and forces her to undergo emotional turmoil till finally she decides to fight back. What role does Shantanu play in her life? What happens in her life that almost brings her to the stage of losing her sanity? Does she succeed in coming out of all these? Does she turn out to be a survivor? Read along as Kavya tells us her story … 

Book Review:
My life story written by Arti honrao is her debut book. For her first book she has done a pretty good job. Her writing style is lucid and the language is easy to read.

The story revolves around Kavya, who believes in living for the moment until she falls in love with Roshan. She took some decisions for herself even distrust her own sister only to end up digging her own grave. Slowly she starts seeing the cruel truth behind every single thing of her life but there was also the other side of the coin, the pleasant side, Shantanu.

Though the story gets little filmy at times but the story line is really good and catchy. There are some incidences where you’ll be forced to turn the pages but  there is too much sadness in the book.

The character of Roshan is impactful and is bound to get reaction from the readers, the lead character Kavya is good and Shantanu is an over-the-limit nice guy, means it's too fictional. Such good people normally don't exist.

The length of the book small, just 111 pages but it’s perfect for the story line.  If you are looking for a quick read with a good story and easy language then you must try this book. This book is worth reading.

RATED: 3.5/5


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