Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Love Bytes: 20 tales of love - Sneak Peek I

Love bytes contain 20 tales of love which will stay with you forever. This book is like a plate full of 20 exotic dishes. Wanna have a bite. ;)

Ø  Will You Marry Me? by Divya Bandodkar

 Atul and Payal are very much in love with each other. Payal is just waiting for the day Atul is going to propose to her. But Atul acts differently. Is Atul really interested in marrying Payal? Does Atul want to grow old with Payal? An incident then occurs which changes their life completely.
Is Payal wish of marrying fulfilled? Does Payal get the love of her life? Will their love story have a happy end?

Ø  Destiny It Is by Gazal Mittal

 Story of a two people who are completely different from each other. The story of a young girl, who falls in love at 'first sight'. Was it just the co-incidence or it was their destiny which wanted them to be together? What will Anaiata do when she will come to know that Ayush is already in love with someone else? Will she stay in his life? Will the journey of moving from a small town to a dream city be affected by this 'indirect rejection'? Will ever Ayush realize how honest and untainted were Anaiata's feelings? Was all this meant to be or there is something more to their story? 

Ø  Dream That Took Me To Heaven by Pavitra Singh and Shreya Gupta. 

Loving them the way a drowning man loves the air; they are the beats of your heart stop beating and your life comes to a standstill…This story compels you to incarcerate your curiosity to be confronted with the juvenile Rohan who out of his cherishing fantasies reaches a world beyond his imagination and admits his friend Prakriti (the queen bee and a loving gal) as his accomplice. Moving on the smooth road of life, the couple suffers the nudge of circumstances and the bubbly guy Namangets through favorably.The thrill lies in the journey through the story, so lets join Rohan’s dream that took him to heaven….. 

Ø  A Text Away by Miranda Grey

Love is not always about happy endings or tragedies. Sometimes it is a short, bittersweet journey whose impact lasts a lifetime Vyshali never thought her life would change so much when she met the lively and energetic Drew in an unexpected way. Even as Cupid’s arrow struck them, they had to be sensible enough to predict the inevitable and make the right decision. ‘A Text Away’ is a story about taking chances, making choices and most importantly, celebrating the value and beauty of love in our lives, come what may.
Ø  Enchanted by Jonali Karmakar

 What Nidhi wants and what she truly needs are at constant war so much that Fate has to interfere to smooth out a few ruffles. ‘Enchanted’ is a present day fairy tale about a girl who eventually finds her way to her one true love after a failed relationship brings her to the edge of life. Nidhi's near-death experience is much more than what appears to everyone: it is a guided journey provided by providence.

Hungry for more???? Stay Tuned with Snappy Thoughts. <3

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  1. Renuka: Dream that took me to the heaven looks nice but other stories looks good.

  2. Every story is interesting so far.... looking forward to the book. :)

  3. Every story is nice and looks promising...looking forward to the book..sir. :)


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