Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Love Bytes- Sneak Peek II

Wanna have some more bytes ;) here it is….
   Ø  Eternal Love by Nidhi

"I often wonder why mom keeps staring at this photo frame. The frame seems to be so old and who is that guy in the frame? I shall change it tomorrow." said Vinita to her elder sister Nandini.
"No you cannot, this photograph and the frame both are special to her." said Nandini to her little sister.
"I want to know, why? After all, what is so special about it?” asked Vinita and further added that this has become deplorable for her.
Will Vinita succeed in discovering the secret behind that photo frame? Did her mom loved someone? Who was he there in the picture?

  Ø  The Hard Choice by Shubham Singh

Four hours of wait at a desolated rural stretch is something that looks far from alluring. It is even more wearisome if you have to do it for someone close to your heart. It must be a creepy feeling when someone whom you consider most protective leaves you open in the jaws of insecurity. Vartika feels no different and it is in these four hours that she counts on Raghav, her boyfriend and the life they lived together. “The Hard Choice” is a story that questions the essence of a relationship. It leaves the girl to choose between her boyfriend and a leaving the bus.

  Ø  A Sweet and A Spicy Tale by Yashika Bhagat

She was Broken, He made her Strong.
She needed a mentor, He was that mentor.
She needed a Best Friend, He was there.
But who where they?? Any idea?? No , stop there .. More to come..

Ø  Mumbai - Pune Story! by Manoj Yadav

Can love happen at first sight? Or is it true that love takes time blossom. He liked spending time with her and so do she. But they both never knew that their growing closeness will one day blow away like a sudden thunderstorm. And then after 6 years he meets her at IIMB, but this time she refuses to recognize him. Is it that she is not interested in him anymore or something else...

   Ø  Love…That Remains  by Milan Modi and Samrat

Did you ever chase your dreams leaving everything and dear ones behind?
How a small turn in your life can change your life forever. 
Read Samrat's story!
How a simple and carefree girl changed his life.
How he achieved his dreams.
But dreams do come with a cost,Don't they?
Every love story doesn't end with happy endings, because some love stories don't have an end.
They remain immortal. 
Love  that only remains at the end!

   Ø  Love Changed My Life by Abhijeet Ranjan

Chirag can impress anyone with his vocals and he is the rock star of his college . He has the best looking girl of the college as his girlfriend. But one accident changes his life . He loses everything, even his desire to live. Then a girl named Rashi enters into his life who herself went through a heartbreak recently. Can Rashi change the fortune of Chirag and bring happiness into the life of Chirag?

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