Friday, September 19, 2014

Official cover of Love Bytes

The gift of donation is the highest gift in the world. It is eternal and mesmerizing, embarked with spiritualism within with extravagant transcendental development of mind, body and soul. We are here not to confiscate their privilege or bring upon a drastic redemption to their heart but to revolutionize their soul so that they may realize happy hearts within them. . LET US ALL JOIN HANDS, TOGETHER WITH OUR SWEAT AS THE RAIN, OUR WORK HARDER THAN THE PEASANT'S UNDER THE BURNING SUN AND WE WILL SEE, WE HAVE MADE A WORLD, A BETTER PLACE FOR HUMANITY TO EXIST IN PEACE AND HARMONY. Love bytes: 20 tales of love is not just a book to warm your heart but it’s a bond, a bond of love and humanity. You give us love and we shall direct it towards the society. There is a very noble cause behind this heart warming book. We have tried all possible ways that we don't earn from emotions of people. 50% of the money earned will go for buying slippers for barefoot girls on street. We hope you'll show some love 

And Finally, Here goes the cover of the most awaited anthology of the year: Love Bytes:20 Stories of Love.


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