Wednesday, February 4, 2015

HALF-LIFE By M H Rahman : Book Review

Publisher:      Frog Books
No. of Pages: 198
Genre:            Fiction-Thriller

Book Jacket:
Parker Williamson has a dream to win back his lost property which had been allegedly seized by his Uncle, George Williamson, a few years ago. But besides this dream, a nightmare troubles his night s slumber quite often. 

In his nightmare, he sees two kids playfully drowning a ten month old baby in the swimming pool. Parker believes this nightmare to be one of his childhood memories but his father, Stanford Williamson, persistently denies. 

Meanwhile, this frightening nightmare is finding evidences of reality. New enemies have emerged all of whom have their own motives to want Parker dead. On the fateful day, when Parker is on his way to the courthouse to fight his dream case against his uncle, he meets with a major road accident.

Half Life is a one of its kind story of Lies around Truth, Betrayal around Trust, Vengeance around Honor, Enemies around Family and Envy around Love. 

Book Review:

Half Life written by M H Rahman is the debut book  of the author and  for his first book he  has done an exceptional job. His writing is edgy and impactful. I hold no qualms in declaring that M H Rahman has arrived in a great way in the literature world.  The way in which he has handled the story is almost perfect and the way in which he has described everything is praiseworthy.

The story gyrates around Parker Williamson, a lawyer by profession, who had a dream to win back his lost property.  Just like a coin, his dreams also had two faces and the other side is a nightmare. He sees two kids playfully drowning a ten month old baby in the swimming pool.
When everything thing was falling in its place suddenly  a major accident happens and he loses everything. When his mission to win back the property was successful, he comes face to face with his nightmare.

The character of Parker is bang on. He  is perfect and engaging. The entire book revolves around him. He is a lawyer, friend, son and a lover boy in short a complete package. Nyah is sweet and adorable. She sleeps with her teddy which makes her more lovable. The other characters like George and Roselyn are also good in their places.

The pace of the story is perfect and the plot is arousing and will definitely keep the readers on their toes. It’s nor entirely a love story neither a thriller completely. This book is a perfect blend of emotions, love, thriller, rage, trust, pain and vengeance. The descriptions are so perfect that you can actually imagine each and  every scene in front of your eyes. The length of the book is just perfect and the readers will be forced to turn pages one after another. For me the best part about this book is that the story is constantly progressing with twist and turns. There was NO LOW POINT in the story.

There is nothing wrong with this book. Just a little more finishing at some part and brush up and then this author can do wonders.

I believe this “Half” is better than the other “Half” which is storming in the market these days, just because the writer of that “Half” is famous beyond limits. Half life will surely not be a disappointment for any reader.  Read it for the suspense and emotions filled inside the story and most important read it for the honest and extra ordinary efforts of the author, In short IT’S A MUST READ.



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