Thursday, March 26, 2015

Circle Of Fate By Prita Warrier - BOOK REVIEW

Publisher: Amaryllis
Pages:       288
Genre:      Fiction

Devaki lives in Kerala, confident in the hope that one day her only son Naresh will return from the States. Instead she gets a call from her granddaughter Sheela informing her of Naresh's death. Sheela comes to India to visit Devaki. This is Sheela's first visit to India. 
She knows that her father has been estranged from Devaki and is determined to know the reason.


To be very honest with all my readers, there are few publishing house whom I really trust and Amaryllis is one of them. It’s not that I have read every book of this publishing house but so far there is no bad experience.

Circle of fate written by Prita Warrier is her debut work and for her first book, she has done an exceptional job. Her writing is mature, calm and beautiful. It’s hard to believe that it’s her debut book.  She has successfully blended various emotions  in the story.

The story starts with Sheela, who lost her parents were killed in a road accident. She started to feel alone in her own country i.e. America and so she decided to come to her grandmother, Devika in India. Devika on the other hand was waiting for her son Naresh unaware of the fact that he was dead. The America-returned had a tough time in adjusting in a small village in Kerala.  Just when the two women were getting comfortable with each other, in the course of finding her root, Sheela stumbles upon some informations and after knowing Devika’s story she was disturbed further.

The story revolves around Devika, the protagonist. Her character is intense, mysterious and composed. Her character is well bounded and her representation is perfect.  Sheela on the other hand is aggressive with her emotions and sometimes flow away with the situation. Though the character of Naresh is not alive from the very beginning  but he has given a considerable amount of footage and his parts are good.

The story is a perfect blend of sorrow, anger, hate and redemption. Though these are all negative emotions but in this story it really works well. The descriptions are perfect, especially the way the author has shown the village. The way she describes the places and character is as good as real. Though this is a work of fiction but it looks real. The way this book ends will definitely leave the readers thinking for a while, that means this is going to stay with you.

The pace of the story is slow and sometimes it proceeds with a crawling speed which may be not liked by many readers. The story is very serious and not all readers will find this handy.

Overall, I believe it’s a kind of book which you would like to read when you are relaxed and want to spend a day reading book but if you are looking for fast read with some fun and romance then this is not your book. Though this book is slow but it’s effective and capable enough to stay with you for a long time.  It needs courage to write such stories and the author has done it with perfection. Definitely worth reading. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the book.

RATED: 4/5


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