Friday, September 18, 2015


Rascals! All men are rascals.

The only reason why Ankita started doing a job was to move on in her life, to forget her past though it was not easy. After all, when someone’s husband tries to rape his wife along with his friends, it gives severe wounds. Thankfully, she escaped that day but what about the wounds of her heart. Even law was not an option. She knew that bustard will get away with it. If you rape your wife then that’s your right but if you slap her then that’s home violence. Ankita was still to find out the logic behind this theory given by the Indian government. Is slapping more hazardous than rape?

Before joining the office, she knew that she would face more rascals there and she was not entirely incorrect. Some men were rude and arrogant, some were nice gentlemen and some were pervert. She believed that those who were rude think women as an inferior race and a slave. Those who were nice gentlemen were fake and they just wanted to get inside her panty after inpressing her and those who were pervert being looking for a chance to rape her.

On the top of the list of perverts lies Roshan Mehra, her immediate supervisor. He never left any chance to peek inside her cleavage while standing next to her table, sometimes he used to rub his body against her body and sometimes he brushed his hands against her back. Ankita felt disgusted. She wanted to slap him hard but the way he used to touch her always seemed accidental and it was difficult for her to pinpoint something.

The number of females were less in the office and out of then there was only one with whom Ankita was close, Sana. They used to sit next to each other. The only reason why Ankita was befriended to Sana was because she was a female. They used to talk in the break time and sometimes between the works too. Ankita even told her about the obnoxious behavior of Roshan and Sana felt pity for Ankita. She always gave her mental support and was always by her side no matter what happened with Ankita.

Amid these things Ankita kept doing the thing which she did the best, hard work. Among all the employees Ankita’s position was always highly rated and she was regularly praised for her work and determination. Two months ago, she even won half yearly best employee award.
The board room filled with the sound of clapping and all the seniors were on their feet as soon as Ankita finished her presentation.

“We all are very proud of you. You are the future of this company.” Aditya Saxena, the manager of the company said.

“Thanks a lot sir but to be honest, Sana has helped me with the data of the production unit. This was not possible without her.”

“Oh! I see but that was just a small part the major things were done by you, all alone” The manager went on,

“Anyway, congratulations to you too Sana. If you continue working under her like this even you will shine.”

“Sir, but we have same rank.” Ankita interrupted.

“I know that and I was not exactly talking about the rank. It’s something else. I hope you guys understand what I mean to say.”

Ankita looked at Sana and passed an apologetic smile.

“It’s ok and you don’t have to feel sorry about this.” Sana replied happily and hugged Ankita.

Promotions were round the corner and Ankita’s hard work made her the top pick between authorities and every single employee.

Ankita was taking a cup of coffee just then she realized that Roshan was standing behind her. This was the place where Roshan tried to touch her most of the time.

“You know promotions are round the corner.”

“Yes, I know, sir.” Ankita replied and started walking away.

Roshan immediately held her hand and said,
“I can make sure you get the promotion only if…”

“I don’t need anybody’s help I’m working hard for it and I know I’ll be rewarded. If not this time, then certainly the next time.”

“You are making a mistake mind you.”

“How will you guarantee a promotion, sir?” Sana, who was standing near the entrance said in a harsh tone.

“That’s none of your business.” He shouted back.

Sana looked deep into his eyes and softly said,
“Please enlighten me, sir” and Roshan walked away.

Ankita immediately hugged Sana and started weeping.

“Thank you so much.” Ankita said and Sana brushed her hairs to comfort her.

To be continued.......


  1. Seriously, its been a long time u hv updated anything in ur blog...glad to see it active again....keep writng.
    N waiting fr the second part.... Kuddos..

  2. Ritu- superb and very intriguing..waiting fr the nxt update...


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