Friday, September 25, 2015


Aditya announced the name of four employees, including Ankita and Sana, who were being considered for promotion. He informed them that the candidate would have to give a presentation and whoever’s presentation would be the best, that candidate would get the promotion.

This was the moment Ankita was waiting for, a chance to define herself as a successful working woman with a prestigious post.

She started working day and night behind her presentation. Everyone was in awe of her hard work. For new joiners, she was an inspiration and for successful old horses, she was a mirror.

Her mind was so occupied that her past stopped troubling her. The sleepless tormenting nights were changed to sleepless hard working night. She heard praises about her every now and then. By the time the official started comparing her with the icons of the company because comparing her with any other would have been a disrespect for her talent.

“Hey, where are you going?” Ankita asked Sana.


“Bring a cup of coffee for me too, will you?” Ankita requested. Sana looked at her for a while.

“What?” Ankita inquired.

Sana shook her head, smiled and said, “Don’t you think you are torturing your mind and body. You need to relax.”

“This is important for me.”

“Wow, as if it’s a game for the rest of us.” Sana said, mocking at Ankita and giggled.

“In the meantime, I’m going to washroom.”

In the washroom she washed her face. She was tired because she had been working continuously for the past two weeks without many breaks. She deserved a good cup of coffee. She looked at herself, she looked old. Her skin looked dull and her eyes were encircled by prominent dark black rings. She looked at the eixtra layers of fat on her waist and thighs. In short, she was looking terrible. Her continuous hard work was taking a toll on her body.

“Just a matter of few days, soon my pretty face would be back.”
She was happy with the way her presentation was progressing. Her presentation was going to be the best and she was sure. She was not over confident but she had actually worked really hard for it.

She looked at her image in the mirror and said,
“I’m going to be a successful woman, a successful working woman.”

When she returned to her table, her eyes were filled with terror and she was aghast. All the papers of her presentation were missing. She looked all around her table but she found nothing. She started looking all around in panic like a lunatic.

“Shit, what’s wrong with you?” Sana asked in panic and hurriedly put the cup of coffee over the table and ran towards Ankita. She told her everything. They started looking at every possible place all around the office but it was a futile try. Finally, Ankita broke down. She leaned on Sana as she hugged her.

Suddenly her eyes fell on Roshan, there was a smile on his face.

You are making a mistake. Roshan’s line roomed inside her head and she knew who was behind the missing papers.
Just one more day was left for the presentation and she had to do it. Thankfully, she had raw data saved on her laptop. She worked furiously whole night, a cup of coffee after a cup of coffee and so on. She turned into a machine which was working continuously and consuming coffee like its fuel. Till the morning almost eighty percent of her work was done. She was ecstatic, all over again.

“I still have the whole day.” She released a breath of relief. Suddenly her mind set changed and her eyes were filled with rage.

“That rascal will pay for it.” She thought.

In the office she went near the coffee machine and as she expected Roshan emerged with a crooked smile on his face. With a fraction of second Ankita threw her dupatta away and loosen her hair and started screaming on her loudest voice. She pulled Roshan towards herself and shouted,

“Help! Help! Move away you bastard.” 

Roshan was shell shocked and was unable to react. He was numb. Entire staff assembled within seconds. Seeing their condition no one asked anything they simply grabbed Roshan and started dragging him towards the manager’s room. Female staffs slapped him and males abused him. He was fired on the spot.

Though there was a guilt inside Ankita for her misdeed but she knew that this man needed to be stopped. He always tried to harass her and now he was trying to restrict her from the promotion.

Later in the evening Ankita cheerfully informed Sana that her presentation was completely done and she was ready to rock. Finally, after so many days she was not indulging herself into work instead she was standing in front of mirror grooming herself for the big day. The charm was back on her face though the extra fats needed time to go away. She googled local gyms for women so that she could enroll herself, work out and shed some fats.

The day of presentation,

Ankita practiced her presentation in front of the mirror and she was splendid. Her confidence was high. She applied mascara which complimented her green eyes. Her pink lips were decorated with magenta colour lipstick. She deliberately wore a push up bra to make her breast look more firm and attractive. Though she had put on some extra fats but still that was not looking bad. Her fair and flawless waist looked delicate when she wore a low waist saree. She looked majestic and sexy. She knew today every man was going to get hard inside their pant after seeing her and those rascals would also piss in their pant after seeing her presentation.

The four candidates were sitting on their respective chairs. Ankita was given the third slot whereas Sana got the fourth one. Sana looked terrified.

“What’s wrong? Don’t get so nervous you’ll be great.” Ankita assured Sana.

“Actually, there is a reason why I’m scared.” Sana said and Ankita raised her eyebrows.

“You know number four is very, very unlucky for me. This number has always troubled me. Can we exchange our slot? Please.”

Ankita smiled and said,
“That’s it. You are worrying for no reasons.  Let me talk to Aditya sir once. I have no problem.”

Ankita knew she was prepared and her slot is not going to matter anything.
“You still behave like a small girl.” Ankita teased Sana.

“By the way you are looking hot today.” Sana said and winked.

“Does your boyfriend know that your sexual preferences are swinging?” Ankita said, narrowing her eyes and they giggled.

Ankita asked the manager to change her slot with Sana.

“Are you sure?” Aditya quizzed.

“Yes, sir”

“Ok then if you don’t have any problem then why should I have any?” Aditya said with a smile on his face.

Sana was ecstatic, excited and most importantly, she looked different as if she was possessed. Her eyes sparked and looked completely different. Ankita was confused after seeing a sudden change in Sana but she decided to concentrate on her presentation.

The presentation of the second candidate got over and it was Sana’s turn. Ankita wished her luck and she smirked. Ankita was taken aback by her behavior. As soon as Sana started her presentation Ankita was frozen and shocked. Ankita kept looking at her with her numb eyes. Sana was giving the same presentation which was stolen from her.  She felt stabbed and felt a jolt inside her as if someone has punched her hard. She felt helpless and slowly tears started flowing from her eyes.

Sana’s presentation was over and no wonder everyone was impressed. Everyone was clapping for her and the same claps felt like a slap in the face to Ankita. 

To be continued....


  1. Superb Mayank...its so engaging....
    Eagerly waiting for the next...

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