Monday, November 9, 2015

The drunken man's quest

This is a work of pure fiction and in case if this article hurts someone’s sentiment (which I’m sure, it will) then trust me, it’s completely unintentional and anyway I don’t know on which side you are.
This is only intended for light hearted comedy.

8th November 2015,

I was happy to be at my hometown after such a long time. I terribly missed my home, my family and more than that I missed my mom’s made food.  I must accept it was a great change, a change I badly needed after months of ruthless schedule. Oh! I just wish I could have extended my stay, but then my organization will not pay me to sit on my room’s maroon colored couch. This forced a pop-up window inside my mind with a message written in Bold: TRY WORK FROM HOME but before this idea could completely corrupt my mind, I realized my job pays me more. Matter over then and there.

This special day is really vivacious. Most of the masses are happy though there are likewise a good number of people, who are groaning.  Reason: Nitish Kumar is once again our CM. I knew this would happen and it’s not that I’m dancing but then I’ve no qualms about it. After all, you just cannot write off a person, who has given you, your present. A man who has picked you up from dirt and has made you a citizen of a state which is officially one of the fastest rising in India deserves one more chance.
So, the point was not election, it was: a vibrant day and making the day more wonderful is the climate. Winter is knocking at the doorway and the cool winds and the dancing trees are receiving it from their open heart.

I needed to digest the foods which were forced inside me and what’s better than a walk. I put on my shoes and went outside and cool wind welcomed me. Winters are definitely knocking at the door or as a hopeless Game of throne fan, I should better say, “Winter is coming” and even Jon snow would know this.

Fifteen minutes of walking led me to a dark isolated street. Apart from me I could see only two people. One looks like some poor worker class man and the other one is drunk. I opt to dismiss both of them, but suddenly the drunken man falls down. The worker class man and I rushed towards him to help in to stand and so we got along.

“Please be careful and watch your steps.” I said to the drunken man.
“Even this was also his fault.” He answered.
“Whose fault?” The worker asked.
“The same man who led us to our defeat against Mahagatbandhan.”

His statement clearly meant that he was a BJP worker.

“Who? Nitish Kumar? “ I inquired.
“No, no not him, I’m talking about that agent”
“Agent Vinod?” The worker inquired.
“No that Pakistani agaent.”
“Katrina from ek tha tiger?” The worker applied his mind again and I burst into laughter.
“No, you moron I’m talking about that Pakistani agent, Shahrukh Khan.” He said in irritation.
“You mean to say Shahrukh khan is behind your loss in elections?” I inquired in confusion.
“Ya, indeed he is. Pakistani agents like him are influencing local mass to stand against the Indian government. Some tola-rance thing. He is putting us in tola-rance. I don’t know what’s exactly that but it’s something wrong and against our nation. This has been confirmed by our MLA.”
“Tola-rance” The worker repeated in amazement.

I shook my head in disgust and said, “You mean tolerance and intolerance.”

“Ya ya, ya ya.”
“So you think he is the reason behind your loss I mean don’t you think that your party failed to fulfil the promises they made. I mean before coming to the central you promised us that Modi will give Bihar the status of Special state, it’s been a year now.”
Why in the earth I was even talking to that senseless drunken man and I felt like going.
“Modi and Amit Shah is a brand.”
“But who was your face for Bihar?”


“We’ve given you Jan Dhan. Zero balance account for all low class people.” He stated with a proud grin on his face and then sneezed.
“Even I was told to open that zero balance account and I did it but what’s the benefit. I make 100 bucks daily. I buy food for my family, we eat and sleep. Where is The money to put it in our account? Nobody pays us that much.” The worker responded.
“Ok, you don’t have money, but you hold a bank account.”
“So?” The worker asked

He looked at the labour and I looked at him. The worker and drunken man looked at each other and then the drunken man looked at me and I was already looking at him.


The worker looked at me and I looked back at him and we knew it’s time to go ahead with our work and we moved in our respective directions.


I resumed my walk and I heard that drunken man shout something. He said, “Beef is turning people into sinners and they were not able to decide good and bad. We are good and they choose the bad ones.”

I just smiled and went ahead with my digest-the-food mission.


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