Sunday, January 24, 2016

CREATORS: Like Really?

Impact of this title is quite obvious. The instant reaction which you may give after reading the title would be: “Is this guy talking about the Gods?” Well, No I’m not.

Though, I accept that the Gods are the ultimate creators of every single this thing existing and that ever existed in the universe. He/she is the one with ultimate authority to create anything and it’s they who decide how long will their creation will live on this planet and in which form except few scientists who are now focusing on hybrid species, i.e. Pomeranian mixed up with  Labrador; tiger mixed up with a cat or elephant mixed up with the rat.

So, coming back to the point, apart from God and few extraordinary scientists with extra-terrestrial mind, there is a group of people who creates and their creation never go away. They dwell among us in our intellect, in our essence and even Gods can’t take them aside from this planet. They are THE WRITERS.

The writers create characters which stays between us even if the writer is not among us anymore. We imagine about them, we sing around them and we live with them. They are with us, always. For God, it may be an easy job. May be with one wave of the hand they create and another wave, they destroy. But we, the writers, stay awake day and night, run through all the details and the nitty gritty to create one character. We have to make sure that people will fall in love with them and always keep them in their mind.

I can name few characters, which are constantly in the backrest of my head. Mr. and Mrs. Grey from Fifty shades of grey, Deb from Durjoy’s novels, Amir and Hassan from Kite runner, Shiva from Shiva trilogy , Amy from Gone girl and many more.

And I just hope Virat from The Forbidden Line (my creation) will also persist with the readers as long as they exist.

On the spur of the moment, it’s lightning and raining. A voice came from the sky.

God: So, you want to state that you are the ultimate creators. Is it so?

Shit! It’s The God.

Me: No, I mean…ahhhh.. I mean we can also create.

I answered with hesitation.

God: And my creation can be destroyed but yours can’t. You also claim that. Again, you are indirectly saying that you guys are masters.
Me: No, No, God, sir. It’s not like that, but our creations are fictional and you can’t destroy anything which practically never existed. So, moral of the story: Nobody can destroy what writer’s created.


God: Well, you are my creation and I can destroy you. Hahahaha….. Now, beat that baby.

I choose to stay in silence and make a puppy face.

God is God…. Ufffff!!!!

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