Tuesday, June 12, 2018

And then they met

She looked around, it was dark and everyone was sleeping. She moved and her body creaked. She coughed lightly, making sure nobody gets disturbed.

“No one should wake up.” She thought

She wanted to get out of the house in the empty street and cry her heart out but she knew this was not possible. No one would let her go outside even in day time, night was out of discussion. After all, it’s only two days since she lost the dearest of her life in a tragic road accident.

The pain was so unbearable. Her spirit was broken down and bleeding. The anguish and sense of loss has taken over every single emotion.

Rishab and Jyotsana met in the college 4 years back. If one could define the term love at first sight their story would have been the best example for it, but just like any regular Bollywood masala there was the right amount of family drama. Their family opposed their relationship in every possible way. Lectures about caste, society and family values everything was tried but they never
backed out. Eventually, after one whole year of ups and down their family agreed. They won the war of love.

When they got engaged, they knew they were almost there to their final destination. Living the rest of their life as a husband and wife and spending every single day looking and holding each other.

Destiny always has a plan of its own.

A week after their engagement she got to know that Rishab was no more. All her dreams of togetherness were shattered in a car accident. Now she was left with memories and sorrow. A promise of always and forever was broken.

She slowly walked towards the door making sure no one would guess and somehow she managed to get out of the house without being noticed. The road was dark and empty. She kept walking and slowly tears escaped her eyes. With every step she took, the tears were more violent. And there she was screaming and crying her heart out. Her tears didn’t stop until she was hit by a car and she bleeds till her last breath.

There were flowers all over and the sky was gloomy. She looked around, she was all alone. Soon, she realized that someone was standing behind her. She turned and there he was standing in white shirt and blue denim.

“You must walk more carefully next time you are on the road.” Rishab said.
She looked at him and stated,” You must drive more carefully next time you are on the road.”
In a fraction of second their lips were locked and their eyes were flowing.



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